Exciting attractions in Saudi Arabia for families with kids

Saudi Arabia geographically is the biggest country in the Middle East. It’s a territory with a rich history and centuries-long tradition. For many years it has been a popular tourist destination, mostly for religious purposes. However, nowadays there is an obvious growth not only in terms of leisure tourism but in terms of Saudi Arabia as a popular moving destination too. This country has so much to offer, for the young, seniors, and even family people. This time we will mention some exciting attractions in Saudi Arabia for families with kids.

1. Al Shallal theme park

Well, this is the place your kids will surely adore. However, the best thing is it’s actually perfect for the whole family. An amusement park of a kind has numerous rollercoaster rides for adventurous family members. Then, nice and pleasant teacup rides, and an ice ring for the less adventurous ones. But, that’s not all. If you are not a fan of the crazy rides, there are shops and international food outlets that you can visit and enjoy the offer. All you need is to bring your good mood and of course a smartphone with a good camera to capture the best family moments.

2. Fakieh Aquarium – one of the exciting attractions in Saudi Arabia for Families with kids

There is no kid in the world who would not be excited by the sight of the sea and especially underwater animals. Although Saudi Arabia is dominated by the Arabian Desert, the Red Sea coastline offers an amazing waterfront with great attractions of every kind. Scuba diving definitely counts among the most popular ones. However, if your children are still not old enough to try that, you can take them to the beautiful Fakieh Aquarium. There you can explore the underwater world together. Furthermore, you can see the sea creatures from close by. There you’ll find everything, from colorful fish and seahorses to dangerous sharks. And, finally, the best part of the day would be the popular dolphin show every family member would enjoy.

3. Masmak Fortress

If, on the other hand, Saudi Arabia is a place where you would like to move to with your family, it won’t hurt for all of you to learn something about the history of this beautiful country. The Maskam Fortress is exactly where you should start. The magnificent construction dates its foundations back to 1865. Its interesting shape that reminds us of a sandcastle will attract your children’s attention at the very beginning. However, the best is yet to come, once when you enter within its walls. The building itself is home to a great historical museum. Book your tickets and hear something interesting about your new home.

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4. Red Sand dunes

For all those who are used to the active way of life, moving to sandy Saudi Arabia, doesn’t have to change anything. What’s more, you can play smart and make some use of all that sand. Organize a family visit to the Red Sand dunes. Rent a quad bike and have an unforgettable experience for all your family. A guide will show you the route, and your kids can also get an appropriately sized quad so that they can have the full experience too. If you are an active family, this attraction will fulfill all your expectations.

The physical and mental development of your child should be your priority. Especially when they are little. Including these activities in their everyday routines will activate their bodies. And for their emotional and cognitive development, working with a Special Instructor will be a jackpot.

5. King Abdullah Park

Now, here is the place where you and your family can have it both- exciting attractions and activities, and relaxing moments. King Abdullah Park is a specific green oasis located in the country’s capital. The park is full of children’s areas, where they can run, play and meet new friends. On the other hand, you yourself can sit and relax in one of the nearby cafes, or you can go jogging or cycling and stay active too. This is definitely the place where you can basically spend your whole day. What’s more, your should. At least for seeing the night spectacle- the so-called singing fountains. A fantastic show full of colors and music takes place on the park’s lake. No matter where in the world you come from, this spectacle will leave you breathless. Think about that the next time you look up the long-distance movers for your relocation to Saudi Arabia.

6. Atallah Happy Land amusement park

And finally, one more exciting attraction in Saudi Arabia that families with children will adore. A place that is praised for having the biggest number of attractions in the whole country. With a climbing wall, bowling alley, an ice rink, and more than a hundred different rides, the Atallah Happy Land park seems like the most amazing place in the world. There you and your kids will be active all day long. And the best thing is, you will not be able to try everything in one day. That leaves numerous more occasions on which you can come, and use this amusement park as a good leisure time place. And, importantly, if you spend there a whole day, you should know that food and drink options are available at every step.

Final words

So, what do you say? We knew you would be surprised by what you hear, but Saudi Arabia really gives its best to fulfill great expectations and provide a lot of great activities for both the tourists and the country’s newcomers who decided to stay. Of course, it will all be a little bit too much for one visit. So maybe this will make you move to Saudi Arabia as soon as possible. The exciting attractions in Saudi Arabia for families with kids make this place the country where you will never be bored.

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