This Is a Scam Locksmith Service and Here Are the Signs

Locksmith service is one of those service areas that are here to stay because it has to offer everything from traditional manual work to automatic and electronic locks, you name it and locksmith services have to offer that at many affordable rates. Professional locksmith northeast Philadelphia can provide several locksmith services all the time but not every locksmith service is the same. Not all are aware of the scams of different industries and even such reputed and sensitive industry of locksmith is not free from this. There are several scams that have been reported that scammers have made in the name of professional Locksmith Philadelphia. If you are looking for professional locksmith service right now then continue reading the following to know about these scams.

An Overly Perfect Ad

The ad you just checked might seem too good with the offered price that was low. While low price isn’t a bad thing but a relatively low price or offers such as low pricing for the first time customers is a major sign that some fake Locksmith Philadelphia has put their ads in a way to gain attention from unfortunate customers who have no idea about this will fall for this. Mind the fact this is a trap to get hired and once they reach to start their service, the price will escalate quickly.

Not Clear Communication

This is perhaps another way that those imposters will scam as they will never have clear communication with their customers. When they will be contacted, they will just call them service providers or locksmiths rather than a business name, and when it comes to pricing then instead of telling you the actual pricing they will give a general idea that would cost you huge at the end of service. Only true professional Locksmith Philadelphia pa will provide you the right pricing in such a scenario.

A suspicious Appearance

When a scam locksmith company staff will show up they will show up in a vehicle that shows the name of the company and the uniform with ID. However, there is a huge probability that the van wouldn’t have a proper name and signage and the logo would be a magnet sign rather than the original one.

A Slow Response Time

Another sign of the fake locksmith company is that they will show up late to your location even when they will have claimed that they will be there within 10-20 minutes. Beware of this situation as it is an indicator that they were not as close as they stated in their call.

Cash or Debit Card Payment

One of the major signs that they are fake locksmith services is the fact that they will ask you for direct cash payment. A Locksmith Philadelphia pa who is authentic will fix its payment method first but the fake ones will settle for debit card payment and not the credit card payment as they will be easy to trace.

Make sure you are going to select the right locksmith company that is registered and licensed so you will have a great experience.

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