How to earn a sustainable income even while travelling?

Travelling is among the most popular leisure activity as it allows a person to expand their knowledge and explore new cultures, people, and geographies. However, one of the main concerns of travelers is how to earn a regular income while traveling from one place to another. In this blog, we are going to mention some of the best ways to earn a sustainable income even if you don’t have a fixed pin code.

Write for travel magazines, journals and blogs

There is a huge demand for travel articles for travel sites, blogs, books, journals, and even travel columns of newspapers. They generally prefer the articles and stories submitted directly by the travelers- especially those on the go.

The payment varies a lot but if you have creative talent and an engaging writing style, you can easily make up to $1 per word. Considering that an average travel article can be about 700 words (approx.) you can earn up to $700 per article.

Become a copywriter

If you possess good copywriting skills then you can also find copywriting gigs that can pay you a really good amount for an average volume of work. However, the quality expectations can be very high and each word should justify its presence. So, wisely spend your words and see how different words and phrases play with each other to create the magic.

Copywriting work allows you to set your hours and work anywhere anytime- provided that the entire project is completed within the stipulated duration. Sales letters play a vital role in businesses as they directly impact the revenue part. Businesses no longer want to sound like a pushy salespeople but still want to turn recipients into paying clients. With the right copywriting skills you can make this happen and earn a reliable income.

Besides, as video marketing is on the rise, businesses also look for crisp and conversational explainer videos to help viewers understand their products and brand and learn how to use them the right way. So, creating videos on these topics can help you earn a decent amount with reasonable effort.

Become a Kindle writer

Writing a book may not seem to be an appealing option for a traveler considering the dedication and commitment it requires- and more importantly, the guesswork involved. Unlike a 500 or 1000 words article you don’t have to put at stake a few hours of your efforts but several weeks, months, or sometimes even a year or more!

However, with digital mediums like Amazon or Kindle, things become easier and quicker while offering you a better way of immediately monetizing your book. I can understand that as a traveler on the motorcycle it would be practically difficult for you to write a well-polished, full-bodied, travel literature with attention to the details.

Considering that you have done a fairly good job, you can earn a fairly decent amount that can take care of monthly bills- to say the least. However, you may never be certain about the sales and the concern is what if the sale tanks. In that case, you can also use your book as a tool to establish relations, gain reputation and get crowdfunding.

Offer writing services for media channels

As travel you visit many places. With some smart strategies, you can turn them into additional advantages.

Do you know any important event going to be organized in the region you are currently present at? Can that event be of interest to the media channels or platforms of another region? Is it a remote region where all can’t reach?

Answers to these questions might pave a way for you to earn extra dollars. You can contact the media channels and propose your offer to provide them with a detailed account/news of the event or interviews of the attendants or key personalities/speakers.

Note: It isn’t very easy to hear an affirmative answer and you may need to try multiple times. However, the good thing is that upon accepting, your work these platforms can offer you a lifestyle amount!

Create a focused blog

Many job-seeking travelers prefer a model where they can dedicate a few days to the work and earn enough to enjoy worry-free travel for a month or even more. If that is on your mind then you can consider creating a niche blog and promote branded products over there. In such blogs, you can choose to write multiple articles and schedule them for publishing.

For instance, you can write 7 articles a day and set a schedule to publish one article each day. This way you can complete a month’s worth of work in a few days. Each product that sells can bring you a certain amount of commission. Most of the companies would happily increase the commission size depending upon the size of total sales while others offer target-based bonuses.

Just make sure to create posts that sell. Be ready to invest efforts and time as your main objective is to earn through affiliate commissions which are all about sales and sales can happen only if your blog sounds convincing enough.

Reviewing movie, books or other popular art forms

Do you love books, movies, or any other form of art like paintings/music, etc.? If yes then you can also become a reviewer and earn money by writing reviews on these forms. Both creators and the producers/brands want more and more people to get an overview of their work before committing their time and attention. Besides, reviews also allow them to gain better digital exposure. You can earn good money by reviewing these works.

However, contacting directly with the reviewer may create a clash of interests and you would not like to compromise on integrity due to monetary interests. So, you can consider joining unbiased review sites and tell people about what you think about a specific piece of art or a music score, or a movie.


One of the top challenges that a traveler faces is to earn a regular income s/he can bank on. Thanks to the digitization and popularity of mobile devices, it has now become much easier for travelers to earn on the go. In this blog, we are going to mention some of the best ways in which a traveler can turn the digital mode of working into a tool to earn a decent income without compromising with their travel dreams.

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