How can I decide whether to buy new car or a used car?

When buying the first car in their lives, many people are entangled in buying a new car or buying a used car. All you need to buy a new car is to compare your favorite models. There are not many things to worry about, but the price of a new car is high; if you choose a second-hand car, the price is very attractive, but you are worried about the hidden dangers of the car. Buy it back for three days, a minor repair, and five days for a major repair. Between these two options, which one should I choose? Check car like PERODUA VIVA

Let’s start with why you bought a car. The reason for buying a car can largely determine which car to choose.

1. Why buy a car?

Reason 1: Practicality, transportation

Buying a car is a means of transportation. Some young people, who have just worked recently, are facing the pressure of getting married and having children, but because of various inconveniences, they start to buy their first car in their lives. This group is currently under 100,00 RM in the auto market. The main force of compact family cars is also the main force of car buyers in the current second-hand car market in the price range of 30,00 to 50,00.

Reason 2: Have face, compare

Personally, I’m still very puzzled about buying a car to support the facade, but I have to admit that in life, some people do buy a car to support the facade. When they see others buying a car, they feel itchy. Of course, I have to complain about some people after buying a car. It’s obvious, this is one of the reasons that contributes to the trend of comparison. For this kind of people who buy a car, most of them will not buy a second-hand car.

Reason 3: Do business, support the market

People rely on clothes, horses and saddles. In the business field, not only can you improve your image by clothing and your appearance, if you can drive a good (luxury) car to visit and receive business partners, your image in the eyes of the other party will improve. One piece! Of course, if you hire a driver, the compulsion will improve again!

Reason 4: purely for fun, rich

Many local tyrants buy cars for fun. There are several cars at home. cam placer x are used for family trips.  volkswagen polo sedan are used to transport their daughter-in-law to and from get off work. They drive off-road and ride cars. Of course, they can buy a few cars. Those who come to modify and play for such a group, can not be said that they show off their wealth, they are purely a hobby of playing cars, plus sufficient funds and conditions, this is understandable.

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