Best NYC neighborhoods for singles

The Big Apple is one of the most famous cities in America, and everybody knows the chances you get when you move there. You can do business in New York City with the best people in the industry and eat at the best restaurants. And as a single person, you will find it hard to meet new people and date. But to make dating even easier for you, we have a list of the best NYC neighborhoods for singles. So, strap in as thanks to this article, your single days are soon to be over!

Best NYC neighborhoods for singles – Lower East Side

The first neighborhood in New York City we will talk about is the Lower East Side in Manhattan. Let’s see what the LES can offer a single person and how is the quality of life there. And if you like what the Lower East Side has to offer and what to move there, learn how to invest in real estate and buy an ideal home.

How much will it cost you to live on the Lower East Side? 

The cost of living in the Lower East Side is 118% higher than the national average and 98% higher than the average in the state of New York.

If you can not afford the high prices of the LES, your quality of life will go down. But you do not have to worry since there are plenty of high-earning job opportunities in Manhattan. 

The most expensive thing in the Lower East Side is housing. The same applies to the rest of Manhattan. If you were looking to buy a home on the LES, it would cost you around $1,000,900 which is 270% more expensive than the state average. But since you are a single person, you are probably not looking to buy a place straight away.

Most singles coming to the Lower East Side choose to rent. Furthermore, most people choose to live in studio apartments when they come to New York City. The average cost of rent for a studio on the Lower East Side falls around $1500. But if you still find the price of a studio too expensive for you, you can look for roommates and split the rent. The average cost for a two-bedroom is 1926 dollars, a three-bedroom is 2422 dollars, and for a four-bedroom, you will pay 2705 dollars. 

Finally, the one downside of the Lower East Side is the higher than average crime rate, so be careful when walking at night. 

Fun activities in the Lower East Side 

Even though LES is on the expensive side, there are plenty of places where you can meet single people. 

  • One of the best NYC neighborhoods for singles has a lively club scene. If you want to go dancing, visit The Delancey, Pyramid Club, or the Rumpus Room. And if you do not like any of our suggestions, there are many other clubs.
  •  If you are looking for a more relaxing place to meet people or take someone out for a date, there is a big comedy scene. There are many great comedy clubs in the LES, but you will not go wrong by going to the Comedy Cellar.

The Lower East Side has a lot more to offer a single person. You just need to come and experience it for yourself. And when you are settling into your new place, you will probably need a safe space for your stuff, especially if you are downsizing at first. For that purpose, we recommend you get a Manhattan storage unit. 

Best NYC neighborhoods for singles – Long Island City 

The second neighborhood you should consider is Long Island City in Queens. 

If you decide to live in Long Island City over Lower East Side, the first benefit you will get is the lower cost of living. Queens is 31% less expensive than Manhattan. But buying a home will still be more costly than the average median price in the country. The median home cost in Long Island City is around $638,300. It is still better to rent until you can afford a home in Long Island City. And if you have problems finding a home, learn about real estate before you start looking. 

Fun activities in Long Island City

Now that you know how much it will cost you to live in Long Island City, let’s see where you can meet other singles. 

If you want to go outside, go to Gantry Plaza State Park. Gantry Plaza State Park is a large park in Long Island City with a lot of room for walking. There are piers and a beautiful garden where you can walk with your date. 

The view makes Gantry Plaza State Park one of the most popular date locations. You have a beautiful view of the Manhattan skyline with the Empire State building. And if you are struggling to meet people, you can always go to the pet-friendly area of the park. 

If you want to go out for some drinks or get something to eat on your date, there are plenty of bars in LIC. Stroll down the Vernon Boulevard, where you can find local bars and restaurants. We recommend you check out LIC Bar. Sit at the vintage wooden bar while listening to music.

And if you are in the mood for some tasty burgers, check out The Baroness Bar Burgers + Beer. 

These are some of the places you can visit in Long Island City, but to get the complete experience, you have to become a resident of this neighborhood. Since the apartments are so expensive in Long Island City, you need to store some of your stuff to make room. For storage in Queens, good options are available to help you keep your items until you can afford a larger place. 

Choose from one New York City’s finest neighborhoods for singles

There are many Big Apple neighborhoods where single people can thrive. We have told you about the best NYC neighborhoods for singles. Now, it’s time for you to go there and make your choice!

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