A Buyer’s Guide to Baby Night Light Projectors or Baby Night Lights

Welcome to the realm of infant night lights and projectors. You’re likely here because your baby isn’t sleeping well in the evening, or at home in their room and you’re looking to find out how these products can help them to sleep more comfortably. You’re looking to determine which one is the most effective (detailed in the previous list) and also find out if there’s any evidence for the use of these products with your infant. We’ve put together a list of quick questions and answers below that are supported by research from experts who are experts on the area of baby sleep.

An evening light projection can certainly help, but we believe that they should use a certain method and in the correct color otherwise the light projection could cause more harm than good.

Do nightlights help babies sleep?

Yes and yes and. As per Sarah Ockwell Smith certain wavelengths of light have significant effect on sleep while other wavelengths can make it more difficult. What Sarah claims is that certain colors of light can aid in the production of Melatonin, while others can hinder its production of melatonin. Melatonin is commonly referred to as the hormone that induces sleep. Sleeping at night is very different from daytime naps.

The wavelengths and colors which work

  • Total darkness
  • Warm tones, such as pinks, oranges
  • Red

The worst

  • Greens
  • Blues
  • Whites

It is therefore suggested that night light projection devices actually help babies go to sleep and help keep them in complete darkness, or colors that have red as their base.

Sleeping in darkness is crucial to rest.

There’s no secret formula for putting a baby to sleep during the night, however one thing that can be neglected is the crucial complete darkness is to sleep. Lack of light triggers the release of hormones that induce sleep and night light can sabotage much beneficial work, and actually it can make the whole process more difficult – this is particularly true when certain wavelengths are employed by the projector for night lights like blues, whites and greens.

Although it is a great nightlight, it’s not a substitute for total darkness, which is a challenge for babies who have been afflicted with a fear of the dark. Therefore, we suggest using red-based shades to ensure that they sleep through the night. If this works , then switch the light to off when they are in a dark area after they have fallen asleep. Here you will get ideas about Baby Night Light Projector Reviews

Do patterns and shapes help in calming babies?

Yes the patterns and shapes created by the night light star projector can be helpful in putting babies to sleep , but not as you believe. Projections of patterns and shapes could assist in keeping your child’s focus during the night, and distract them from the things that could make them angry. If, for instance, your child is exhausted and unhappy, the projection of patterns and shapes moving about the room will keep their attention for long enough to make them eventually fall asleep. If they are not distracted the child could then begin crying and screaming for attention , which can last all night.

Some distractions of the patterns using beautiful warm colours, and possibly white noise, and parents now have a strong partner in the struggle to ensure a good night’s rest.

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