Features To Look For When Buying LG Home Theatre

LG has crafted quite a formidable legacy within this domain when it comes to home entertainment systems. Hailed as one of the top brands in the Indian home theatre market, the praise and accolades for LG home theatre systems surpass all other competing models.

Each LG home theatre system comes equipped with top-notch specifications and an impeccable design outlay. Thus, selecting one from this stellar lineup can be challenging for most customers. To help solve this issue, we’ve devised the following list of features customers should look for in their ideal LG home theatre system.

1. Surround Sound

There’s no matching a holistic surround sound experience that can transport you from the confines of your living room into a magical virtual reality. With LG home theatres, you have a lot of variety in terms of choosing a model that comes with surround sound channel settings that perfectly fit your needs. The choices are truly endless, from top-notch 2.1 surround sound systems to powerful 7.1.2 home theatres. However, you must remember that your budget will affect the kind of channel configuration you can opt for.

2. Subwoofer and Speakers

Subwoofers help amplify the bass output of your home theatre system. For the best bass effect, you must choose an LG home theatre that comes with a powerful, high-power output subwoofer. Speakers play an equally important role in creating immersive soundscape experiences. If you want to enjoy a truly unparalleled surround sound experience, opt for an LG home theatre system that comes with a powerful centre channel speaker since most of the dialogues and action sounds in a movie are channelled through this speaker.

Moreover, to enjoy an undisputed surround sound experience, you must select an LG home theatre that comes with at least five speakers. Models like the LG BH5140S 5.1 channel (500W) home theatre system are great options for those looking to invest in a comprehensive home theatre system that produces 3D surround sound and comes with an ace subwoofer for a powerful bass delivery.

3. Wireless Connectivity

Detangling wires is a frustrating experience. In this modern age of wireless connectivity, opting for a wired LG home theatre system would be pretty imprudent. Instead, look for truly wireless LG home theatres that make the hassle of dealing with wires a distant memory of your past!

Since Bluetooth and USB support have become mandatory requirements for most customers looking to invest in a sound home theatre system, LG has incorporated these connectivity options in many of its home theatre models. For instance, the LG SN4 300W 2.1 channel wireless Bluetooth Soundbar with Dolby Digital is an excellent choice for all who enjoy seamless smart streaming sans the intrusion of wires.

4. A/V Receiver

As the core of your home theatre system, A/V receivers help process, intensify and transmit sound to the speakers of your home theatre system. It’s pretty well known that high-voltage A/V receivers deliver a more powerful sound output than their low-voltage counterparts. Thus, opting for an LG home theatre system with a high-voltage A/V receiver. Similarly, the number of connectivity options available with your A/V receiver will also have an impact on the kind of content you can enjoy on your home theatre system. Ideally, you should opt for LG home theatre systems that come with an HDMI ARC that makes high-resolution audio/video transfers seamlessly easy.

5. Audio-Video Formats

It is essential to assess the audio-video formats supported by an LG home theatre system before you proceed to buy it. Models like LG Soundbar G1 come with Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision support to deliver high-resolution audio and video experiences to its users. Alternatively, the LG Soundbar SP11RA uses Dolby Atmos and DTS: X to bring movies and music to life, making immersive cinematic experiences a reality for its users.

6. Design

If a home theatre system doesn’t match the overall aesthetics of your home, you may soon start to resent it. Everything becomes crucial when optimising your selection criteria, from the size of the home theatre system to its body finish. Whether you opt for a home theatre system online with a polished wood finish or a matte chic one will ultimately hinge on your individual preferences and sense of style.

Remember that the size of your room also has a bearing on how capable a particular home theatre system will be for your home. For instance, LG SJ 3.1 channel Soundbar with wireless subwoofer may be ideal for smaller rooms. At the same time, the LG 5.1 Channel 3D Blu-ray Home Theatre model may be more appropriate for those looking to install a home theatre system in their spacious living rooms.

Purchasing a home theatre system is a difficult task for most novice customers. However, when you plan to buy one from a brand as renowned as LG, your concerns and reservations about the quality vanish almost instantly! Once you’ve decided on your budget for the home theatre system, filter your search for LG home theatres with this feature list in mind and you’ll be all set to enjoy immersive audio-visual experiences within the comfort of your home!

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If you’ve been looking to buy a top-notch LG home theatre system, we have a list of features that will help streamline your search. This article outlines the key features you should look for in an ideal LG home theatre system. This includes everything from sound quality and audio-visual format support to wireless connectivity and streaming. Go through this comprehensive list of pointers to jump into your LG home theatre quest with a renewed razor-sharp focus.

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