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Neurology Billing (Guest Post)

Neurology billing is specialized and complex enough that it necessitates the use of a professional biller to maximize patient revenue. A normal medical billing company would claim to be able to handle a specialty like this. It’s possible, though, that the agency has only dealt with one or two neurology practices in the past. This lack of experience can result in up to 20% of the money going unclaimed. Rather than accepting this defeat, learn how to improve your billing process.

How Does Neurology Billing Work?

Neurology billing, like other specialties, begins with a patient visit. The diagnosis, follow-up appointments, medicine, surgery, and other care received are all documented during the visit. A competent medical coder on staff translates all of the information into numerical digits. These codes are subsequently given to a third-party billing firm, such as Billing Advantage, which bills both insurance companies and consumers. Neurology Billing Services aid with cost analysis at the end of the year. These aspects are more crucial than ever as the expense of maintaining neurology practice rises.

Failure to follow federal, state, and payer-specific documentation and procedures might jeopardize your practice’s financial viability and reputation. HIPAA  non-compliance, in particular, can result in significant fees and penalties. This is why hiring Billing Advantage can be quite advantageous. Unlike other firms that claim to have experience, our agents are knowledgeable about neurology procedures and terminology, making the neurology billing process go more smoothly.

Neurology Billing Software

Many valuable processes, such as organization, patient scheduling and filing, and even some billing organization, can be handled by neurology billing software. However, as with any software, it is susceptible to errors and security risks, not to mention the fact that a software program cannot handle the patient care aspect of billing (i.e., answering payer questions about bills and terminology).

Kareo, one of the best software systems available for medical billing specializations, is used by Billing Advantage. With Billing Advantage, you get access to Kareo and our experienced assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can also train your personnel to use the program, allowing your clinic to interface with billing as much or as little as it needs.


How Much Does Neurology Billing Service Cost?

Underpayments can cost a neurologist up to 10% of their potential earnings, not to mention the documentation problems that might create more problems! Billing Advantage  may ease the burden of billing and provide superior results with increased reimbursement. Get in touch with us right away to get started!

Medical Billing Services


We have a staff of coding and billing experts who are well-trained and experienced. We assure optimum collections and minimal denials with our expertise in neurology billing. Our wide range of services includes:

  • Enrollment of Patients: Demographic and insurance information
  • Verifications: Insurance verifications and authorizations.
  • Appointments: Scheduling and rescheduling appointments.
  • Coding: Assigning diagnostic and procedural codes to medical claims.
  • Accounts Reconciliation: Charge entry, cash posting, and reconciliation.
  • AR Collections: Accounts Insurance collection, patient collection, old AR follow up and collections.

CPT and ICD codes are second nature to our team of certified medical coders. The use of correct CPT codes ensures error-free coding for all complex procedures.

Our expert group is well-versed in ICD-10 coding!


Why should you choose us?

When you work with OSI, you get a lot of practical benefits.


  • Denials and inaccurate claims must be appealed in a timely and proactive manner.
  • Increased productivity and collection ratio
  • Service that complies with HIPAA regulations
  • A short turnaround time
  • Software choice
  • There are no upfront costs or hidden fees, and you will receive regular reports on coding compliance.
  • Reports are sent out weekly or monthly.
  • Savings of 30% to 40% are possible.
  • There are no yearly contracts.


Our end-to-end neurology billing services let you focus on your patients’ health while we take care of your practice’s financial health.

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