Reasons you must know to buy villas in kottayam

Ponmankal Homes Started in 2012,Ponmankal Homes pioneered in developing quality benchmarks in the residential spaces construction sector at Kottayam District  of Kerala.  Ponmankal Homes is managed by an Ex NRI professional with years of experience in the construction, manufacturing, trading and distribution sector.

The Importance of Kottayam in the current social situation of Kerala is the prime reason for ponmankal to  concentrate on residential projects in. Kottayam .As it is an emerging Satellite town of Kochi .

All our project locations are selected based on the benefits of our valued clients and are structured to make their dreams come true. Ponmankal homes always focus on offering a combination of luxury, and ease of access with highly prominent landmarks. This makes our project highly prominent among builders in kottayam

Luxury Villas are available in Kerala, especially in Kottayam region, thanks to the goodwill and reputation that we have in kerala due to the high level of quality that we assure in all projects

5 reasons to buy  villas in  kottayam

Kottayam, which is situated in the south-west part of Kerala.The natural beauty of Kerala attracts thousands of tourists every year. The backwaters, serene beaches, Historical temples,and churches of this Indian state are definitely a visual treat for all tourists.The real estate sector of Kerala is definitely booming in kottayam.

All have a great desire to purchase a home in a beautiful place like Kerala . If you are planning to buy a villa in Kottayam then this is the correct time for that. The real estate sector is still on the rise, ponmankal Homes Started in 2012,  is a tremendously fast-growing organization in Kerala, especially in the Kottayam region are offering excellent luxury villas in Kottayam at unbelievable prices, and you should definitely take a look at them.

Five reasons to buy your villa in Kottayam

1.proximity to Trivandrum and Cochin

The proximity of Kottayam to Thiruvananthapuram is just 146 kms and that to Kochi is 61.9 through NH. Thiruvananthapuram is the capital city of Kerala. A good  transportation system is available  to both cities . If you have a car, you can easily reach the capital city of Kerala and to kochi in just a couple of hours.

  1. The climate of Kottayam

The climate of kottayam is very pleasant. The annual temperature just varies from 20 to 35 degree Celsius, which means the winter and summer days aren’t too bad either. For most of the days the weather remains quite pleasant.

3.The tourism sector of Kottayam

There are a lot of tourist spots in kottayam. There are many hills and lakes around the city, which provide a wide range of trekking options for the tourists. living a place which is blessed with natural beauty, Kottayam will not disappoint you at all.some of the few tourist locations in kerala are Kottathavalam,Nadukani,Thirunakkara Mahadev Temple,Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary,Illikkal Kallu etc

4.The industrial development of Kottayam

This is also impressive too for kottayam ; the Rubber industry is the main source of income..Rubber is the most prominent agricultural product in the district. There is  scope for a large number of rubber-based units and industries  in the district.  Lot of small-scale industries units are rubber based. Similarly there are also a lot of wood  industries , manufactures, engineering industries and garments units. The coir and handloom industries are also growing in this area. Likewise, there are many more business opportunities available in kottayam.The industrial development of Kottayam

5.Educational Institutions. A lot of good Educational Institutions are available in Kottayam .There is no doubt that Kottayam is  the most literate place in India and the fact that it is the first town in India to attain 100% literacy that resembles educational prominence in kottayam. In making Kottayam the Letter Capital of Kerala, the role of educational institutions is really huge.CMS College,Baselius College and famous MG university is also located in kottayam.

6.Competitive Pricing for the Property:

Competitive pricing is also  a vital factor that you should consider when you are planning to buy buildings. Kottayam is a state that offers real estate properties at competitive price ranges. Though the state offers a lot of properties with a comfortable and satisfactory condition, still, the pricing is lesser as compared to the other districts of kerala. So, you will be a gainer if you purchase a villa in kottayam.

7.Hospitals in Kottayam

Kottayam is famous for a lot of famous multi speciality hospitals .The famous hospitals available in kottayam are as follows: caritas,sanjeevani,Kims .So for good medical and treatment facilities kottayam is one of the good destination you can choose for living .

Those are some of the good reasons for buying a villa in Kottayam. There are many builders and developers active in Kottayam; some projects are under construction, while some are ‘finished’. In case you are looking for ready to move luxury villas in kottayam, you can definitely consider Ponmankal Homes.

There are few vital aspects that should be kept in mind at the time of purchasing a villa in kottayam or in any other city of India. The best villas in kottayam for sale  always offer the best locality to live in .  grocery stores, vegetable markets, and medical stores and hospitals  are absolutely important to ensure a hassle-free living experience.

Vital aspects to be checked

Litigation free land- Before you invest in a residential property, you must make sure the land is not involved in any kind of legal should go for a background check before you sign the papers, you must ask the builder to show all the necessary documents, particularly the ones related to the completion certificate.

Government permitted land- A building’s construction plan is sanctioned by the authority only if its in the ‘build-able’ category. The builder has to obtain the necessary permission from the government, the sanctioned papers should be verified properly.

Property taxes- This is another important aspect you need to verify before buying properties . It is vital to ensure the builder has paid all the necessary taxes and documents related to the land upon which the building has been constructed.

Before finalizing your property in kottayam ,visit our website and know more about our properties and policies related to the property.A lot of villas ,Apartments and flats ar

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