I get gotten some information about what hunting gear I use for sure stuff I like. I realize many incredible things are being made explicitly for hunting nowadays. However, this is what I explicitly use. I have been a hunting supplier for 15 years, and here are my suggestions for the best hunting gear. Buy now essential hunting accessories and get 30%OFF using the Wing Supply Discount code.


Suggested Hunting Gear:


A portion of the connections in this post are offshoot joins, so I will acquire a tiny commission assuming you purchase through this connection – at no additional expense for you. I suggest hunting gear that I for one use and have attempted.


Best Hunting Footwear:


The stones and territory out in West Texas are extremely brutal and unforgiving. Your decision of footwear can represent the moment of truth in your chase. If you’re wearing boots that aren’t broken in or don’t fit as expected, you seriously limit your capacity to go on stalks. That restricts your shot open doors, so your footwear is one of the main bits of gear on any chase.


Chippewa snake boots have a smooth, level sole with no help around the lower legs. This makes them incredible when hunting in the South Texas brush country or the Hill Country, yet these boots aren’t appropriate for strolling up/down the mountains in West Texas. I like a firm sole boot for strolling on every one of the stones with a heavy pack, so I wear the Scarpa R-Evolution journey GTX boots.


I wear fleece socks all year. There’s a confusion that all fleece is exceptionally blistering, yet the new merino fleece items are extraordinary in both warm and chilly climates. Darn extreme Hiker Micro Crew Cushion socks are my regular go-to socks. I love these socks! These are the socks I wear in the Spring while turkey hunting and the entire Summer while pursuing hub, blackbuck, decrepit (in addition to some other exotics) just as the Fall/Winter while hunting whitetail. These socks are agreeable and keep going forever… in an absolute sense. I’m wearing the three sets I purchased in 2012, and they have a lifetime guarantee, so assuming you break down your socks at any point, Darn Tough will supplant them. Get you a couple, or purchase the three-pack. I promise you will not be baffled.


I wear the thicker Kuiu ULTRA Merino Crew Sock in the Fall and Winter and the more slender Kuiu StrongWool Hybrid Crew Sock in the Spring and Summer. Regarding the possible time, I’m not wearing these socks is the point at which I’m explicitly hunting aoudad in the mountains of West TX. At the point when I’m hunting aoudad in the pre-winter/Winter.

Scarpa R-Evolution Trek GTX (Great boots for West TX!)

Darn extreme Hiker Micro Crew Cushion socks

Kuiu StrongWool Hybrid Crew Sock (Great warm climate socks!)

Kuiu ULTRA Merino Crew Sock (Great chilly climate socks!)


Best Hunting Vests and Jackets:


Since I chase such countless various areas of the state and chase a year out of the year, I have a wide assortment of hunting vests and coats. When the climate is cool, or my effort will be high in chilly weather, I wear the Kuiu Guide DCS Vest. As the environment becomes colder, or when I will be moving less or sitting more, I wear the Kuiu Guide DCS Jacket.

Assuming you will have a colder climate and there’s an opportunity of light downpour, I’ll wear the Kuiu Axis Hybrid Hooded Jacket. On the off chance that it’s genuinely excellent, I’ll add layers under the Kuiu Super down ULTRA Jacket. This coat is hot and extraordinary at obstructing the breeze; however, it has a ripstop external layer, so it’s not the calmest coat, and it’s presumably not the ideal coat to be wearing when you will chase in the thick, prickly brush that could undoubtedly tear the skin.

The farms I chase in Texas and Mexico don’t get a colossal measure of a downpour; however, when I, in all actuality, do wind-up hunting in stormy climate, I wear the Kuiu Chugach NX Rain Jacket, and Rain Pant set.

  • Kuiu Guide DCS Jacket
  • Kuiu Axis Hybrid Hooded Jacket
  • Kuiu Guide DCS Vest
  • Kuiu Super Down ULTRA Jacket
  • Kuiu Chugach NX Rain Jacket
  • Kuiu Chugach NX Rain Pant
  • Carhartt Sandstone Traditional Coat/Arctic Quilt-Lined


Hunting Pants/Long Underwear/Overalls:


The jeans I wear are straightforward. I realize I will stroll through thick brush and get filthy. Since I’m so severe with pants, I wear the Carhartt Washed Twill Relaxed Fit Work Pant. These jeans are rough to the point of enduring all the maltreatment I dole out, yet they are economical enough that assuming they get torn or torn (moving over spiked wired fenced can be hard on pants), I’m not out a large chunk of change.

However, as it gets colder, I realize I will walk and move around; I’ll add the Kuiu Peloton 118 Zip-Off Bottom long clothing. This long clothing is ¾ length and has a full zipper down the outside of the leg just as a speedy delivery belt to handily eliminate without removing your jeans/boots as it heats up or action level increments.


Hunting Trip Packing List


When it gets freezing or I’m hunting, and my activity level will be low for a significant time frame in chilly climate, I add Carhartt Sandstone Duck Bib Overall/Quilt-Lined. These overalls are hot and agreeable, just as incredibly rough and sturdy.

Carhartt Washed Twill Relaxed Fit Work Pant

Kuiu Peloton 118 Zip-Off Bottom

Carhartt Sandstone Duck Bib Overall/Quilt-Lined


Best Hunting Backpacks:


My “office” is the Kuiu Icon Pro 3200 knapsack with Platypus-Kuiu Hoser water bladder. This knapsack is with me on each chase and hunting more than 250 days every year; it sees a great deal of utilization. It’s adequately enormous to convey all of my stuff. In addition, it has the extension ability to deal with pressing out a major aoudad smash head effortlessly.


Hunting First Aid Kit


However many days I spend hunting the high desert of West Texas, the 3L Platypus water bladder is a lifeline, in a real sense. The high desert of West Texas is exceptionally dried, and water is your most important item when climbing in the desert. This pack is likewise truly agreeable and can be worn the entire day without bringing about any inconvenience.

Kuiu Icon Pro 3600 Backpack.


Hunting Shirts:


I don’t have a significant assortment of hunting shirts. When I’m hunting in a warm/sweltering climate, I wear the Kuiu Ultra Tiburon Hybrid Zip – T. There are many warm/hot radiant days where I chase in Texas. This long sleeve, tall neckline, and profoundly ventilated shirt are the best shirt I’ve found for these conditions. This shirt keeps me shielded from the UV beams yet at the same time keeps me calm.

I genuinely like fleece shirts for a cool/chilly climate since “cotton kills.” Once it gets wet, it stays wet for quite a while, yet fleece will keep you warm in any event when it’s wet.

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