7 Ways How to Use WhatsApp Reactions, 100% Successful

In recent days, the WhatsApp message reactions feature has become the talk of users because the WhatsApp reaction feature looks very cool and can be used when you send messages on WhatsApp.
The WhatsApp reaction feature itself is a feature to give a reaction to a messages that other users send to you. WhatsApp reaction are in the form of emojis but not all of them will appear, only a few.
Of course, this WhatsApp reaction feature is very suitable for use when you don’t want to reply to the message by typing. In addition, if you are an Android smartphone user, you can still react to WhatsApp message on Android.
How to react on WhatsApp message on Android or how to use reactions on WhatsApp is very easy. Although the WhatsApp reaction feature is not yet available in all countries, we can still use other methods.
To learn how to use WhatsApp reactions, you must really understand the steps, here I show you all.

How to Use WhatsApp Reactions

1. Access your WhatsApp application on Android or other.
2. Open one of the messages you want to react on WhatsApp.
3. Press and hold the message.
4. To use the reactions in WhatsApp messages, press the left arrow icon to the left of the star icon.
7 Ways How to Use WhatsApp Reactions, 100% Successful
5. Tap the emoji icon.
6. Select the emoji that you will use for reactions on WhatsApp messages.
7. If you have, you can start sending the message.
How to use reactions on WhatsApp as above looks like it doesn’t use the WhatsApp reaction feature, right. Yes, that’s right, because once again I tell you that currently not all countries can use the reactions feature in WhatsApp messages.
So this is the only way you can start react on WhatsApp message on Android or so on. If you really want to use it in general then you have to wait until the WhatsApp reaction feature has been officially released in your country.
That’s how to use WhatsApp reactions. You have to really study it so that there are no steps that make you confused and also so that you don’t ask again about it.

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