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Wall tapestries are indeed a common home furnishing item all around the world. A luxuriously printable, pleasantly concocted hippy dippy tapestry is undoubtedly an intriguing way to decorate the decor of the home. This article discusses the top ten Indian wall tapestry patterns that are well known around the globe for its pattern, texture, and color scheme.

Younger generations all across the globe are interested in the topic of house decor. For something like the general public, redecorating their environment has now become simple, economical, and enjoyable. A huge percentage of teenagers like to decorate their rooms in the most simple and uncluttered way possible. The most basic items necessary for room decoration are attractively crafted with distinctive styles.

If you are looking for a linen wall hanging with a gorgeous Indian or modern print, the selections listed here are perhaps the best possibilities to consider. Here are the most popular layouts that are interesting to check out.

Mandala tapestry:

Hanging Indian mandala bohemian tapestries inside your bedroom would give it a unique look. Those popular tapestries are available in two sizes: large and small. Most  tapestries are made entirely of linen which are of excellent quality, durability, and human friendliness. One unique quality of this tapestry wall hanging is its exceptional colorfastness, which ensures that the tapestry will not degrade however after frequent use and washing. This wall hanging/lovely bedspread’s colors will compliment your bedroom design.

Multifunctional items :

Fashionable mandala Tapestries, Huge mandala Tapestries, and Wall mandala Hangings are multifunctional items that can be used as wall hangings, bed covers, table covers, and university dormitory room wall hangings, among other things.

Mandala Tapestries are available in a multitude of forms and sizes, ranging from hefty ancient tapestries to light contemporary tapestries, and once you have located the ideal one, the very next stage is to fix it to your wall.

A mandala tapestry can be mounted in a variety of ways, including with a hammer and nails. A hammer and screws are the most basic tools for hanging a wall tapestry. Carefully nail in one corner, then the other and, depending as to how much droop you want to do in the fabric—further apart after a tighter look, nearer together over a drapey effect. Assuming your mandala tapestry is particularly small and light, you can replace the nails with something even thinner, such as thumbtacks or pushing hooks.

Tapestry of Elephants:

The vintage tapestry blanket seems to be ideal for the bedrooms. This is available in a sophisticated elephant pattern with rich detailing for captivating homes. This subcategory contains a broad range of styles and colors that may be purchased digitally.

Tapestry of the Tree of Life:

Here is among the most well-known patterns in history. This look is available in tie dyed and indigo patterns in a variety of colors to fit your decor. This is available in a variety of sizes, ranging from little to large, guess it depends on what you want to buy.

Planet Tapestry: Celestial Sun Moon Stars:

Incorporate celestial Indian wall décor in your space if you adore constellations. These really are a lovely design that may be utilized as a blanket or as a dormitory wall hanging.

Tapestry of an Indian Peacock:

Choose a luxurious design with a genuine ethnically printed silk tapestry. A magnificent classic peacock mandala tapestry is excellent for interior decoration and appears in beautiful multicultural colors.

Mandala Wall Tapestries in Queen Size:

wall tapestries with mandalas

Some other expertly crafted bohemian wall hanging made from a native natural cotton pattern. Each component is distinct and appealing, and it is well worth another try.

Tapestry of Lord Ganesha:

Welcome Lord Ganesha into your home with a regal luxurious tapestry with Lord Ganesha’s image. You can choose your favourite colour.. For just a cheerful environment in your home, display this design in your foyer or lounge room.

Tapestry of Bohemian

Make a statement with this spectacular, one-of-a-kind style. Choose between indigo and tie dyed prints to find the perfect pieces for your apartment or dormitory.

Indian Cotton Tapestry Zodiac

Have beautiful zodiac tapestries displayed on the walls of your home to represent all nine stars and astrological signs. Allow heavenly objects to drift around your home.

Tapestry of Kaleidoscopic Stars

This is yet another common look that can also be bought online for adorning your home and offered in a range of designs.

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