Why Should You Invest In Heated Mattress Pads?

Not able to sleep relaxed on chilling cold nights? Suffering from joint pains shivering cold? Then, it’s time to invest in heated mattress pads.

Christmas holidays have started, and everybody wants to stay cozy and warm during this time. One way to make your nights comfortable is to use a heater to heat your room.

However, it can be a bit expensive and increase the electricity bills. Similarly, placing a heating bottle under the quilt will not work well in freezing winters. Worry not. Buying electric heating mattresses is the affordable and most convenient way to keep you warm during the winters.

This product will improve your nighttime sleep quality and relieve shooting joint pain. But, before proceeding further, let us dive into the key benefits of heated mattress pads.

  • Electric mattresses have several advantages over traditional mattresses in winter. It warms all the layers of the bedding and warms your whole body so that you can have a relaxed sleep overnight.
  • These mattresses are also ideal for individuals having arthritis. It eases arthritis pain by warming the tissues on the affected area and regulating the blood flow. This way, electric mattresses relax muscles and eliminate soreness and stiffness around joints.
  • Heated mattresses also save your money. This is because you don’t have to switch on the high-power consuming helium or blower heaters to warm up your space.
  • Most of the heating pads come with a temperature adjustment option so that you can have a more customized experience.
  • Electric mattresses enable you to have a perfect night’s rest, which increases your productivity at home and office.
  • Another advantage of heated mattresses is that they are inexpensive; buying them will not burn your pocket.

Are Mattress Warmers Safe?

Typically, mattress warmers are safe, but still, you need to check whether it is ETL approved and buy only from the recognized brand. In addition, it is important to replace a damaged heating pad to ensure additional protection.

It is important to note that people with certain medical conditions like diabetic Neurotherapy and expecting mothers should avoid the use of this product. Also, physicians do not recommend heating warmers for small babies and infants.

It is recommended not to buy second-hand electric mattresses to prevent accidental burns. Moreover, this product is not safe to use with water or foam mattresses.

How Heated Electric Mattresses Work?

Coils of insulated wires are placed between the multiple layers of In electric heated warmers. When the power supply is on, the wires heat up and transfer heat to all layers to keep you warm throughout the night. All the coils are interconnected with each other. Put simply; they are placed like a mesh. You can heat them to the desired temperature simply by adjusting the temperature gauge. Most of the blankets come with auto shut-off to prevent fire hazards and accidents.

Generally, these mattresses consume around 200 watts of power; the rest depends on the setting. As mentioned above, heated mattresses consume pretty low electricity. For example, if you keep them on for hours, only 1 Kilowatt of power will be used, which will cost around between 5 to 15 cents.

How Long Does Electric Mattresses Last?

Typically, all-electric mattress brands offer a 1-year warranty. However, if you buy a premium quality product and use it with care, you don’t have to buy heated mattresses for at least the next 4 years.

Things To Look In Heating Pads Before Buying

  • Is it waterproof?
  • Is it washable?
  • Is it made up of premium quality fabric?
  • Is it shockproof and ETL certified?
  • Does it consume less power?
  • Does it offer dual control? (for double bed mattresses)
  • Does it come with a warranty?
  • Is it budget-friendly?

Wrapping Up-:

Bringing mattresses warmers in life is the best thing you can do to make your nights more cozy and comfy in winters. Many brands offer these mattresses; however, it is vital to purchase only from those brands that follow GMP.

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