Importance of Houseplants in improving your health and happiness:

Have you ever heard about the importance of houseplants in maintaining your health and happiness?

In this blog we will learn how houseplants actually work to improve one’s mental health, peace and happiness. In this blog our Term Paper Help Australia experts will tell you the importance of houseplants in your house.

Houseplants are the best in their own way. In a survey it is found that a bacterium in plant soil named Mycobacterium vaccae triggers the release of serotonin, which helps to lift our mood and alleviates our anxiety level. As a result, dealing with indoor and outdoor plants decreases the risk of depression.

According to a survey done by NASA, it was found that house plants absorb 87% of the toxic gases of the room in a day.

Name of some common houseplants

  •     Fern: it works as a good humidifier.
  •     Jade Plant: this plant cleanses the air of indoor pollutants from paint and cleaning products.
  •       Bamboo palm: it also works as a good humidifier.
  •       Aloe Vera: it is used as a healing agent. It is good for skin and for hair too.
  •       Basil: it gives a positive impact on blood pressure, mood and helps to decrease our stress level.
  •       Flamingo Lily: it is a large tropical plant. It can grow up to a few feet. It purifies the surrounding of airborne toxins like ammonia, formaldehyde etc.
  •       Lavender: it helps to release stress and anxiety.
  •       Snake plants: it cleanse the air by removing airborne toxins and gives a positive impact on your sleep, mood, energy and helps to maintain a  happy life.

How do houseplants actually work to improve your health and happiness?

  1.   Houseplants lower the level of anxiety: if you are surrounded with various types of houseplants, constantly seeing them gives you a serious positive impact on your health. In a survey it is found that people who are more attached with plants feel more calm and relaxed which decreases their level of anxiety.
  2.   It helps to increase attentiveness and sharpen your memory: surrounded with houseplants whether you are in home or office gives a positive vibrant by improving your memory and sharpen your attention span by 20-25 percent and boost up your concentration level.
  3.   It increases your productivity rate: in a survey it is noticed that if employees are surrounded with houseplants they feel more energetic in their work and as a result their productivity rates also increase.
  4.   It helps to reduce stress levels and boost up our moods: persons who indulge themselves in caring for plants are less prone to psychological stress as compared to mental work. The reason may be that caring for plants suppresses our sympathetic nervous system and promotes a comfortable, calm and natural feeling.
  5.   It helps to spark your creativity skill: according to Psychiatrists, when people are surrounded with green plants they are found to be more creative.

Note: besides having all these benefits you have to keep in mind that caring for your plants is essential. You have to give a sharp observation if it is receiving enough sunlight or not, the soil is dry or wet and to avoid insects, use mild pesticides and keep your plant evergreen.

Conclusion: when you find your plants are happy and green, it usually makes you more attentive and indicates your physical and mental wellbeing. After reading this blog I hope you will get some positive feedback regarding the impacts of houseplants on your mental and physical wellbeing. If you have any doubts regarding this you can take help from our Nursing assignment help experts. We have the skilled and proficient experts to provide our services. For more updates log on to our official website and check the necessary details to hire them.

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