5 Actionable Tips To Become An Effective Leader

The role of a leader is important in many contexts. Even in cases where participation needs to be collective, a person in charge keeps things in order all the time. And as much as leadership is significant, it is also not easy to fully embody. Leadership speakers around the world preach about what constitutes a good leader, but only a few seem to fully understand what they mean.

It is a widely known belief that leaders are born, not made. For many people, this probably explains why certain people who attempt to lead fail. While this happens very commonly, it can also be argued that leadership can actually be learned. Not everyone is gifted with a skill right from birth. From generation to generation, people always find a way around things as they go. This just means that adaptability is key and might be the first step to mastering any skill such as leadership.

Any experience in life involves failures and obstacles. When people say that they fail at being leaders, they might just be facing an obstacle that they gave up on too easily. Setbacks are part of learning. Growing from them can help you learn so much about not only being a leader but about yourself as well. This is why it is also important to know how to face problems with strength and will so you can be a better version of yourself.

So, if you see yourself facing a problem you might be stressing about, don’t see yourself as a failure just yet. Take that as a stepping stone to do better. Along with your awareness of what makes an effective leader, your experiences can teach you a lot of things.

So, what are the things to help you become an effective leader? Here are the things to give you a headstart:

Identify Your Leadership Style

Determining your leadership style gives you a guiding idea of the principles to stick with as you do your job. Leadership varies for many people. When you think about your way of leadership you have to consider what works not only for you but for your team or community as well. Your personality is one of the things that should be kept in mind.

The way you lead should come to you naturally and should not seem like you transform yourself into a different person. Credibility and trustworthiness are key to making people be open to your leadership. If they see the genuineness and purity that comes within you, they will be more than willing to let you lead.

Be A Good Listener

An important part of being a leader is being able to be present for the people you are working with. As much as it comes with privilege, it also comes with a sense of service. You have to make sure that you know how to listen to your people well. This gives them a sense of importance and value which contributes to a deeper level of trust in you. Obviously, you need to listen not only to gain them but to find ways on how you can solve issues better.

Being a good listener does not equate to being a good follower. When you are given or assume the role of a leader, your job is to not follow what people request you to do. This will end up with you being burned out from having to attend to peoples’ needs at once. At the end of the day, you have to remember that a leader should represent the best interest of the people as a whole and not the agenda of each member.

Practice Objectivity

Being objective can be considered a hard job, especially when you are an empathic person. This is not to say that being empathic should be set aside in leadership. Instead, this means that empathy plays a role only in the right circumstances.

There are ethical and moral dilemmas that you might face when it comes to decision-making. The decisions you will make will require considerations of your principles, others’ principles, and the majority. Knowing what to prioritize at the right time should be something that you need to practice at all times. Ultimately, you should be able to stand with your decisions and take accountability for them.

Master People Skills

Leadership requires skills that will show well you deal with people. You will be faced with people from diverse backgrounds and one of your goals is to unite them towards a single goal. With this in mind, you have to have a good grasp of communication skills that will equip you to express yourself clearly. Aside from clarity, you also need to learn how to enforce your role as a leader and present yourself in a respectable and dignified manner.

People who are mostly shy and reserved are proven to be unsuccessful leaders. This is not necessarily because of their personality, but because of their lack of capability to express themselves. Expressing your expectations, grievances, and appreciations are all essential when it comes to strengthening your relationship with the people you are leading.

Have Good Lifestyle Habits

To be an effective leader, you have to think of what your ideal leader is. Most often than not, you will imagine someone who lives a righteous life. It might also be someone dedicated to bettering the lives of others and living peacefully in society. It might sound heavenly for some, but it is not as easy as it seems. The challenge for you, however, is to live a life being the best you can be.

Life is far from perfect and you are not expected to act and live perfectly. But, being a leader should be equated to being a role model for others. You have to consider the fact that the things you do, no matter how small, can be impactful to others. And so, by having good lifestyle habits, you can help others improve their lives too. This is just also a way to realize that being a leader can make you a better person just like how you want to better others’ as well.

Key Takeaway

Many people fail at leadership, but this does not mean that it is unlearnable. In fact, by knowing the right things to work on, anyone can rise up to any occasion and lead. This is to empower you to challenge yourself to be a better person so that in turn, you can be a better leader. Leading people can be impactful in ways that cannot control. Therefore, making right and mindful decisions in life will help you become more effective at what you do.

Through identifying your leadership style, being a good listener, practicing objectivity, mastering people skills, and having good lifestyle habits, your ways of leadership can improve greatly. Luckily, these tips do not only push you to become a good leader but a better individual as well.

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