What Are The Top 6 Factors Of The Best Commercial Or Industrial Hand Dryers?

Before getting a hand dryer you need to go through certain factors so that you can choose the best one.


It is one of the necessary devices to maintain washroom hygiene and at high traffic areas it is a must. When you are getting it for a commercial place make sure you consider some of the important factors.


The commercial dryers are usually made of a powerful motor which makes it quick and convenient to use.


 You need to install it at the right place so that it is easily reachable to everyone. The eco-friendly dryers will keep the area clean and also reduce the wastage of paper towels.     


Factors of Commercial or Industrial Hand Dryers

Hand dryers installed at commercial places should have some to the point features. They should work fast and smoothly so that the user gets dry hands in just a few seconds. Listed below are some of the important factors of the best commercial or industrial hand dryer.



  1. Speed

Speed remains one of the most important factors whenever we consider the features of a hand dryer.


A high-speed hand dryer is necessary for commercial places as people always cherish quick and fast services. A speedy dryer is essential for commercial places as the number of people there is high.


This alternative of paper towel should take less time as you are using it as a time saver.


 If it is taking the same time as tissue and or cloth then there is no use of installing the dryer. So always choose it wisely.  





  1. Power

Along with speed, looking for the power of a hand dryer machine is also necessary. Basically power is one of the most important factors to look for as a high power defines how convenient the dryer is.


 A fast and powerful dryer takes a minimum of 10 seconds to dry hands. The dryer must have at least 500 watts of motor to work on high power.


There are many dryers working on a high watt motor and they are commonly used for commercial and industrial places.


These powerful dryers run on electricity and so you should always place it near the plug for an easy installation. 


















  1. Maintenance

Many people fear for the maintenance of these dryers as they think that they are high to maintain. But when it comes to a high traffic area you should not think twice.


The maintenance doesn’t cost much as you are not required to clean it daily. Cleaning it once in two to three months is a relevant thing.


Usually the dryers have 2 to 5 years of warranty therefore you can change them or get them replaced if you find any defect or damage.


 The repairs would be easily done by the company and you won’t need to add any extra amount for that.   




















  1. Cost

No hand dryer is of ame cost. Each and every machine has a different price, they work on different features and have different functions.


Cost is not only the price factor which you need to consider, it also includes other things. If it has a high cost then you should look for it to see whether they are worth the amount or not?


The features, size and functions also affect the cost. You can get a hand dryer online or can get it from a store.


If you find everything convenient and if the machine fulfills all your requirements then you should get it.    






  1. Accessibility

The dryer should be easy to access. They are specially designed to provide an unrestricted use. Whenever you choose a dryer you should look for all the suitable features such as speed, watt, profile and other things.


Some dryers work manually, some on batteries and some are operated electrically from which you should choose the favourable one.


If you are choosing it for a heavy duty industry then you must go for an automatic hand dryer as they are very easy to use.


They are a touchfree device embedded with an infrared sensor which starts to work as soon as it detects the hand.     

















  1. Sustainable Standards

Choose a sustainable product which is user friendly and eco-friendly. Usually the dryers don’t harm the environment as they are not made from any harmful or toxic product.


 They are completely hygienic, powerful and money saver. There are a wide variety of hand dryers which includes, manual hand dryers, V blade hand dryers, automatic jet hand dryers and airblade hand dryers.


It is a sustainable product as we reduce the use of paper towels which save trees and also maintain proper hygiene and cleanliness in the surrounding.


These are the top six factors of the best commercial or industrial hand dryers. If you are also planning to get one or get them in bulk then you should first know all the features and functions of the machine and then select which one is the most perfect pick.


Advantages of Hand Dryers

There are some best advantages of a hand dryer which makes it the most convenient product.

  • The dryers are environmentally-friendly.
  • They are completely hygienic.
  • They are cost effective and have low maintenance.
  • They are simple to use.
  • The dryers provide you a better bathroom experience.
  • They are best for high traffic areas.



Whether it is a small dryer or a powerful jet hand dryer, the best thing is that they restrict the spread of viruses and infections in the surrounding area.

They are easy to install, use and manage and help to dry your hands quickly as compared to tissues and cloth. It tends to be one of the best alternatives to paper towels.  

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