Gone are the days when kids used to save money in piggy banks. Now is the era of smartness, and to save money smartly, kids are taking the help of a pocket money app. With features such as standard goal setting, saving, managing, and earning, you can make your kid financially independent and intelligent with the use of these apps.

Top Pocket Money Apps For Teens

Here are the top best apps for the kids which are safe to use. These cards are pure for kids below 18 years.

  1. Muvin

It is a purely teen-centric app. With this app, you can digitalize pocket money for your kids and amplify financial knowledge among them. With the help of the muvin app, you can boost the Kids’ financial literacy at the school level. In the early childhood stage, they will completely understand the value of money and can know how to save and spend wisely.

With Moving, you will get an education-powered, fiction-free, intuitive, and easy–to–understand experience.  You will get a smooth Neobank experience via an instant physical card and zero balance wallet with financial independence and literacy.  With the help of Moven’s physical card, you can take advantage of online payments and experience the power of a contactless card while making offline payments.

  1. Fypmoney

This top-rated teenager money app comes with a numberless prepaid card for your kids. With Fypmoney, you can easily make offline and online payments without setting up a bank account for teenagers. It is India’s first holographic card facilitated with one tap facility to block the card on the FYP app.

The card works in association with YES bank and helps teens learn financial concepts and management. Here onboarding process can be quickly completed with the help of an Aadhaar card. With this app, parents can keep close track of their kids’ expenses and get real-time alerts on their phones.

Also, if the card is stolen or lost, the parent can quickly lock it via the app. You can also order a physical prepaid card for offline payments via a small subscription fee.

  1. Fampay

With Fampay, you can offer a cashless facility for teens with a numberless card. Kids can use Fampay cards to make offline and online payments without opening a bank account. The best thing about the card is that it does not have a card number or any details printed on the card. There is no fear of information theft if the card is lost or stolen. And if the card is lost or stolen, you can easily block, pause and manage other activities via the Fampay app.

You can also enjoy secure transactions; a flash PIN is generated every time your kid makes a transaction. Kids can use this PIN to make payments highly secure. Parents can send money to their kids’ cards easily and limit what kids can spend in a day or month. An outstanding feature you can enjoy with Fampay is to make a family pool account where you can track all expenditures. This pool account will be zero balance, and also there are no hidden charges.

  1. Junio

This kid-focused smart card will allow children below 18 years to make offline and online transactions. This card is 100% based on the concept of pocket money. Your child does not need a bank account to use the card. With this card, you can easily set limits so that kids can learn how to make expenditures within budget. This card comes with a monthly limit of Rs. 10,000; you can easily exceed the limit up to 1Lakh a month with KYC. You will also get real-time updates when your child makes a purchase.

  1. AK udo

It is a digital bank for teens which provides them with a personalized card. Kids can use the AK udo card independently. With the help of AK udo, teens can learn how to be financially free.

AK udo offers various exciting rewards for every use. Also, with the help of gamified setup, you can easily make your kid learn how to save and expend in limit. Parents can monitor their kids’ expenses with the help of mobile apps, which comes with AK udo, and can block the places where they do not want their kids to use the card. This card is the one-stop solution to promote cashless transactions and make your teen financially free at an early age.


You can quickly get all pocket money app download from the play store. With the help of the above-mentioned pocket money applications, your kid need not rely on debit or Credit card for parents; instead, you can offer them their cards to make them live a financially independent life from the start.

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