Amazing tools to Embed Social Media Feeds on Wix Website

Do you have a Wix website, and searching for an effective strategy to make it more appealing? Then your search ends here. We have one such strategy that not only improves the visual appeal of a website but also adds functionality to it. Read till the end to know about the strategy and how to implement it.

As social media is becoming an integral part of life, businesses heavily rely on it for their marketing maneuvers. This brings us to the core of the topic. To extract maximum benefits, businesses are opting to embed social media feed on Wix website. So this basically clears your first concern on improving the look and feel of your Wix website.

Why should you embed social media feed

After knowing about the strategy, the first and most important concern is why would anyone embed social media feed on Wix website.

The answer to this question is quite long, as this strategy has ample benefits. But we respect your time and concern, and hence we present to you the major benefits related to this strategy.

As mentioned earlier, it improves the visual appeal of the website, other than that, it offers following benefits.

  • Makes website more engaging
  • Provides social proofs to website visitors
  • Helps brands to build credibility
  • Presents a sneak into your social media presence to your social media
  • Boosts user generated content related to your business

There are various other benefits of adding social media feeds on your website. We have filtered some major benefits of this strategy that we think might convince you to adopt this strategy.

So, now on to the next concern, how to embed social media feed on Wix website. There are various tools that help you in this, but we have filtered 3 best tools currently available in the market.

Best Tools That Enables You To Embed Social Media Feeds on the Website

There are ample tools available in the market that help you to embed social media feed on Wix website. Out of the lot, here is the list of 3 best tools that help you in this cause. You find these tools with ease, and as they are easy to use, you can operate them without any trouble.


Tagembed is one the finest social media aggregators present in the market. It helps you to collect social media feed from various social platforms. It allows users to curate and customize the collected feeds and display them on the website.

You just need to follow a few simple steps, and within seconds your website enables you to display social feeds from your desired source or sources. As it allows you to integrate with 19+ social media platforms, hence, provides you with a wide range of content to display on the website.

Alongside easing the embedding process, it provides you with features that add great significance to this tool. Some of the features of the tool are mentioned below

Feature highlights:

  • Customization – allows you to personalize the widget as per your need. You can change the font size, font style and more, to match the widget with your website’s style.
  • Moderation – enables you to remove unwanted and irrelevant content from the website feed.
  • Theme and layouts – Ample themes and layout options, allowing users to showcase feed in style.
  • Easy to use – the tool provides coding free embedding solutions, making it easy to use. Hence, people without any technical background can operate it with ease.
  • Responsive widget – The widget adjusts itself as per different screen types without affecting website alignments.
  • Custom CTA, custom CSS, analytics and more.


You must have heard about Elfsight. It is one of the most popular social media aggregator tools that helps you in collecting and displaying social feed on Wix website. The tool is well known for providing simplified embedding solutions and amazing useful features.

Feature highlights:

  • Customization – Enables you to modify the widget as per requirements.
  • Moderation – authority to remove irrelevant content from the website feed.
  • Mobile friendly display


SociableKIT is next on our list. Like the tools mentioned above, SociableKIT also allows you to add social feeds on the website. You can showcase social feed and improve the visual appeal of your website. Also, you can even showcase social proofs to your visitors and establish your brand’s credibility.

Feature highlights:

  • Multiple widgets designs: You have multiple widgets and layouts as options.
  • Compatible with all types of media: Stream all types of media without affecting website speed.

Ending Note

Adding a social media feed on the website is a smart marketing strategy that provides some amazing benefits. So, if you have a Wix website, and are looking to embed social media feeds on Wix website, then the tools mentioned above are the best in the market. You can find them with ease on the internet, and as they are easy to use, you can operate them without any hassle.

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